Friday, April 18, 2014

Peach and Sage

Is it pastel season again already?! Gosh, time sure does fly....

Anyway, for my outfit I decided to go with a linen pastel peach-y button down; (maybe it's more coral? I don't know, it looks different every time I think I've figured it out) Some brown leather slip-on sandals; and a sage, brown, and cream vine patterned skirt.


Aaaaand I went with gold accessories. Because of the warmth of the (Peach? Coral?) top and the brown in my skirt and shoes.

Ta-da! It all matches.


An-nyway, I really like the (I'm just gonna say that the top's peach, for the sake of speed) peach with the sage and browns, Of course, I love wearing green and peach anyway, so I'm a little biased.


Well, once again, a few of these are O. U. O.'s, but I'll do my best. Just for you guys. You're welcome. ;)

Button-down: I got it a few years ago from a friend, so no, I don't know where you can get it. ~ Skirt: Made it with McCall's M670 and fabric from Hancock.~ Shoes: Yeah, these are the ones I don't know about, I got them clearanced somewhere, so you probably couldn't get 'em anymore anyways.

Well, I guess that's all folks! Y'all have a great Easter!!! :)







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