Thursday, March 6, 2014

Maxi Skirt: A Splash of Silver

Hello everyone! ;)

Well; when I went to download the pictures for my post, I found that my mother had named them "A splash of silver," and thought it was too good of an alliteration to pass up. (Also; I couldn't think of another title, so, y'know, thanks mom... :cool: )

maxi skirt

The weather in West Texas has been.... unreliable for the past few weeks, going from 80°F to 34°F in the space of a day or two, but I decided to go with a springier outfit because, really, it's March. March is spring here.

maxi skirt detail

Anyway; I wore a graphic Paris top layered under a sheer-ish teal/mint short-sleeved button down, and silver shoes and clutch to coordinate with my grey skirt. Plus a cursive "Love" necklace because I'm wearing a Paris shirt and, well, what else was I supposed to do?

maxi skirt

Once again, I don't remember where I got all of my pieces, but I'll give it a shot. Just for you. You're welcome. ;)

-Paris Top: Ross  -Grey Maxi skirt: Also Ross   -Silver Wedge Sandals: Target (This was a couple of years ago, so they're probably discontinued.)  -Silver Clutch: Target; I got it clearanced at the same time I got the sandals, so I'm 97% sure you can't get it anymore.  -Button Down and Jewelry: Once again, these originated somewhere outside of the dusty borders of my memory, although the necklace was borrowed from Brooke, (my sister) and I think she got it somewhere online.(I know; that sure helps, doesn't it.)

Well, now that I've exhausted my blogging powers for the day, I really should sign off.  Adieu! (You know, because of the shirt! *Looks at you intently to make sure you got it*)

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