Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!


 Valentine's day has never been my favorite holiday, since I have no significant other to spend it with, but it also holds lots of good memories for me. Back when I lived in Colorado, my mom would help my brothers and I make valentines for the other kids in our homeschooling co-op. And when we got back, we would run to our rooms to find a small box of chocolates waiting for us. Back then, it wasn't about relationships or romance, just chocolate and having some fun with construction paper and glitter glue. Sometimes, I wish it was still like that, with nothing more to worry about than whether or not I remembered to make a valentine for everyone and how much of my candy I would be allowed to eat in one sitting. But I also have a lot of things to look forward to now that I'm older. Who knows? Maybe the right guy is out there somewhere ;)
And, seeing as everyone else is posting videos, I thought I'd share one of my favorite love songs: I'll Be by Edwin Mccain.
Ah... Valentine's Day when you're single. Not the funnest thing in the world. It's not a travesty for me that I don't have anybody to go out with on Valentine's Day.
I have entries in my diary where I was around eleven and I was hoping so badly for some boy to give me a valentine, or better yet, a rose. I was just as hopeless of a romantic then as I am now. But now I have a bit more sense. In my diary, the day after Valentine's Day, I wrote about how sad I was that I had gotten nothing. I even drew a picture of myself crying! Yes, I was silly. I'm not expecting anything from any guy this year. Because I really have nobody that is that special to me yet. Not getting anything from any guy doesn't really bother me. I have gotten used to it.
But also, I'm thinking of the days when I'm married to the man I love, and I will get a Valentine's Day present every year. That's a time worth waiting for. Every Valentine's Day, I will think of that and each year it gets closer to that. 
So all you single girls out there, don't despair on Valentine's Day! Just remember that there will be a time when you'll get a Valentine's present every year. :-)
And just to boost your spirits this Valentine's Day, listen to Michael Buble's I Haven't Met You Yet.
And as a side note, most people don't know who Valentine's Day is named after or what he did to get a holiday named after him. So I suggest you listen to this Adventures in Odyssey episode about it: The Last "I Do". It's worth the twenty-five minutes. ;-)
 Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
I number among those lonely souls who have never been in a romantic relationship, but Valentine's day for me has never really been too much of a "romantic" day, even though that will probably change if and when I get a boyfriend :P . Usually I fix up little baskets or bags filled with candy and random heart/love themed novelties for my family. This year I'm taking a break from that little tradition due to budget problems (ie: I spent to much money on books, before I remembered that I had to buy my mom a birthday present... *blushes embarrassedly* ) but I'll try to make some cards, you know, because that's the broke way of saying "I Love You"  ;)
I'm also planning on doing some watercolor, (I'm so excited! I love using watercolors, happy Valentine's Day to me!! lol) Math, and Reading. As long as this sore throat doesn't turn into an actual cold :? .
Anyway, since Mercy set the precedent of sharing a youtube video, I thought I'd link y'all to the music video of Daniel Powter's Bad Day because it's completely adorable, and I love it :) Hope all of you have a good day *laughs loudly and cheesily* whether or not you receive flowers and chocolate!
Happy Valentine's Day!! <3
I don't really have a tradition, but my goal for Valentine's Day is always basically to show people I love them, in little (or big) ways. Whether you're in a relationship, or you're hanging out with girlfriends or books or family today, I hope you have a fantastic and blessed day! Btw, since others are linking to music videos, you might as well listen to this totally unrelated but very neat cover of Let It Go (from Frozen) by Alex Boye!


  1. Cute blog; I just found it... Happy Valentine's Day! :) So I just found you and this is crazy but check out my V-day post maybe? :D

  2. Thanks Carissa!! =) Cute post!!