Tuesday, June 17, 2014

In My Makeup Bag

Hello everyone!
Due to me being busy this weekend and being exhausted after it, I won't be posting an outfit today.

But I will be giving you a look inside my makeup bag!

My older sister, Kayla, bought me this bag for Christmas last year. I was super happy to get it. I had been using about three different bags to hold my makeup before. I was glad to just have one now.

The bag has two sides. I put all my face makeup on one side and my eye makeup on the other.

I have some makeup I don't use on this side, because it isn't the right color or makes my face look unnaturally makeup heavy. 
I recently bought the Maybelline Pure BB Cream. It was very light and it didn't make my makeup thick. But it was too pink for my skin tone. That's the trouble I have with BB creams.
The L'Oreal True Match Foundation I also like, but it makes my face look plastic-y. It was too heavy for me.
I only use on the the concealers and the powders right now. The other ones are for when I get tanner during the summer.

The bag has one section that can removed, so I put my makeup brushes under it.

I recently got the Naked 2 palette. I had about $11 worth of points with my Ulta rewards, so I decided to use them to buy the Naked 2 palette. 

I hope you enjoyed this peek into my makeup bag!

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