Sunday, May 4, 2014

April Flowers

Okay, so it's May. Fine: May Flowers. Doesn't really have the same ring, does it?

And hey, these pictures were taken in April, so it's not really that much of a stretch....

Anyway, back to the fashion.


I wore a slightly-altered flowy floral tank, (It originally had elastic sewn into the hem. Blegh.) a pair of denim crops, some really cute white wedges, and then pink jewelry, because the flowers on my top were pink and I was just feeling kind of.... pink.


Pro tip: If your dresses/skirts/crops/shorts hit at the widest part of either your calves or thighs, it isn't flattering.

So there, now you can wear clothes like a pro!! :P

And everyone will think your legs look long and slim. Which is always a plus.


It isn't too late for me to gush about the shoes again, is it? Because they are adorable.

They're actually Brooke's, but since she only does nail posts, this was the only way they were getting on the blog.

And they really needed to be on the blog.

*Whispers*: The flowerssssss....


Anyway, once again, some of the stuff was bought on clearance or gifted, so we'll just do our best here.

Top: Ross - Wedges: Shoe Carnival

Aaaaand everything else is a mystery.

Oh!! Wait!!! Except for the necklace, I got that at Six Flags like, ten years ago...

Well, this is Hannah, signing off. I'll see (Post to? Make contact with?) y'all later!

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