Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sweater Shrug

Hello Everyone!! I hope y'all are having a great day :)

Today I'm supposed to do a sweater post. There's just one problem; it's already too warm here for sweaters!! So I decided to wear a green short-sleeved sweater shrug, (Which I LOVE by the way) with a tank and jeans.Sweater sitting horizontal

And look! A circular rose clutch!

You know what? I think I actually love all of these pieces equally. You know, after I said I loved the shrug, I remembered how much I love the cute lacey-studded-fox top, and then how much I love the black suede wedges, and the clutch.

 Sweater with clutch

Oh! And the silver and pearl earrings and necklace set, which you can't see very well in these pics, but whatever. Also the rings I wore. So yeah, basically everything.

Sweater sitting vertical

Anyways, gotta dash! See y'all again in a couple of weeks! ;)



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